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The Campbell Straw Bale Built Museum is the only original straw bale built museum in the United States.

The Campbell Straw Bale Built Museum is open for tours. The exhibits are continually a work in progress to give you something new to look forward to every time you visit. Come and visit us, you will take away a unique experience.

Construction of the building began in 2001. Completion of the Campbell Straw Bale Built Museum was done in time to move some of the exhibits in on Memorial Day, 2004.

Materials donated for the construction of the new museum were lumber for framing, straw bales for insulation, labor and monetary donations including a $10,000 grant from The Mary Chilton Chapter of DAR, for the heating system. The largest single donation was given by Bill and Lois Campbell, Carthage Alumni, living in Henderson, NV, thus giving them the honor of naming the museum.

There were over 40,000 volunteer hours put into the construction of the new museum. The volunteers ranged from the ages of 8 to 85 and from all different parts of the country. The building is 6,384.5 square feet, using 1300 straw bales to insulate the walls with a R50 insulation factor.

The exhibits that were in the old museum are now in their new home with many new additions. The exhibits range from farm machinery and tools, to household items of Rural America, Carthage High School memorabilia from pictures to trophies.

The gift shop has many gifts and souvenirs that are South Dakota made. Corn Cob Jelly, and Carthage Prairie Honey are two  examples of the home town favorites for sale at the museum.

Straw Bale Certificates are being offered for sale at $20.00 each. Buyers receive a straw bale certificate which will show ownership of one of the 1,300 bales that are being used for the walls. There is also a Memorial Plaque that you can have the name of your loved one placed. A minimum donation of $20.00 is required for a memorial.

The museum offers it's very own and unique cookbook, Straw Bale Museum Cook Book, available for sale. Order your copy from PO Box 3, Carthage, SD 57323, or call 605-772-4166 or 605-772-5148. The cost is $8.00 a book and a additional $2.50 for mailing.

For more complete information about Carthage's unique Straw Bale Museum, visit the museum's official website at www.strawbalemus.com.

Straw Bale Museum